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Asia-Pacific Architects Association




第一条 本协会名称为亚太建筑师协会,简称APAA。

Article 1 The name of the Association is the Asia-Pacific Architects Association, CAAD for short.

第二条 亚太建筑师协会是亚太地区的民间组织。

Article 2 Asia-Pacific Architects Association is a civil organization in the Asia-Pacific.

第三条 本协会是由各国建筑设计师团体、个人以及行业内知名人士、社会活动家和学者组成。

Article 3  The Association is composed of groups of architects and individuals from various countries, as well as well-known figures in the industry, social activists and scholars.

第四条 作为非政府组织,积极参加各国建筑师组织的活动,致力于建立行业统一标准、建筑新型材料的研发和学术研究,促进行业可持续发展。

Article 4 As a non-governmental organization, it shall actively participate in the activities organized by architects of various countries, commit itself to the establishment of uniform standards for the industry, research and development of new building materials and academic research, and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

第五条 亚太建筑师协会(APAA),总部常驻澳大利亚悉尼。本协会开展多种形式的交流活动:相互访问和考察,开展各类行业内等领域的交流,参加和举办符合本协会宗旨的研讨会、报告会、专题论坛等各类双边活动和地区性或国际性多边活动,为国外友好团体开展同亚太地区的经济合作提供协助。协会发挥桥梁纽带作用,促进建筑设计行业的国际交流合作。提升各地区建筑设计行业公信力,为设计企业注入活力。充分反映诉求、凝聚力量、促进发展、整合行业资源、合作共赢。

Article 5 Asia-Pacific Architects Association (APAA) is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. This association to carry out various forms of exchanges, mutual visits and surveys, carry out various types of industry in areas such as communication, attend seminars, and held in accordance with this association objective report, project BBS and other kinds of bilateral and regional or international multilateral activities, friendly groups for foreign assistance with Asia-Pacific region economic cooperation. The association plays the role of a bridge to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the architectural design industry. Enhance the credibility of the architectural design industry in various regions and inject vitality into the design enterprises. We should fully reflect our demands, pool our strength, promote development, integrate industrial resources, and pursue win-win cooperation.

第六条 根据会章,协会的会员单位分副会长级单位、常务理事级单位、理事级单位、副理事级单位和地区类副会长级单位、常务理事级单位、理事级单位、副理事级单位。各单位必须具备相应的设计资质,并经过协会严格审查后方可加入。企业设计师拥有协会颁发的资格认证(在协会官网可以查询)。

Article 6 According to the constitution, the member units of the association shall be divided into vice President level units, standing director level units, director level units, deputy director level units and regional vice President level units, standing director level units, director level units and deputy director level units. Each unit must have corresponding design qualification, and can join only after strict examination by the association. Enterprise designers have the association issued by the qualification certification (in the association’s official website can be checked).

第七条 协会总部及地区协会组织机构









Article 7 The head office of the Association and the organizational structure of regional associations

  1. The Coordination Committee shall be chaired by the President of CAAD and be responsible for overall coordination;
  2. Chaired by the secretary General of CAAD, Resource Planning and Finance Committee;
  3. The Education and Vocational Practice Committee, chaired by the vice President in charge, is responsible for the qualification and education evaluation of each member unit and its designers;
  4. The disciplinary committee shall be presided over by the vice President in charge to punish the member units that violate the industry standards;
  5. The publicity Committee, chaired by the vice President in charge, is responsible for introducing to the public the social role of the profession; To provide consultancy services to owners; Awarding architecture awards, organizing design competitions, etc.
  6. The organizing Committee, chaired by the vice President in charge, is responsible for recruiting members, collecting and distributing information about the construction market. The Research Director proposes research topics to the relevant foundations and provides research funding through the Modern Architecture and Town Planning Trust and the Historical Research Trust.
  7. The External Affairs Committee, chaired by the Vice President in charge, is responsible for the exchanges with international organizations and national institutes;
  8. The district management committee, chaired by the vice President in charge, is responsible for managing and supervising the management of regional associations.

第八条 本协会为非盈利组织,经费来自会员费、社会各界的捐助和政府资助。

Article 8 The Association is a non-profit organization with funds from membership fees, donations from all sectors of society and government subsidies.